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The Garden of God

The Buddha found that human suffering did not happen coincidently, but it was caused by a reason, as well as other phenomena which resulted from people’s actions. Karma is the law of logic; it is an international law for living things. Those causes of suffering are not beyond human control[1]; suffering which is like sinking […]

Contemporary abysses

AbstractThis paper describes the design and development process of an artwork series created by an artist based in Bangkok. The artist attempted to explore human beings ability to commit wrongdoings, forget ethics and let themselves become overwhelmed by lust. The wrongdoings, such as the possession of vengeance, anger, hatred, greed and jealously, are deep-rooted in […]

Seeing is believing

Believers’ Paradise must be among the most amazing art exhibitions presented by Karachi’s Koel Gallery. It features three renowned artists – Panuwat Sitheechoke, Arthit Amornchorn and Kriangkrai Kongkhanun – and is worlds apart from the usual statement-orientated work of contemporary Pakistani artists. It was, however, the work of Kriangkrai Konghkanun that stole this show. Like many […]

Oceanic Wilderness

A vast expanse of the planet’s surface, the world’s oceans are one of the last unexplored territories for man to unfurl and inevitably exploit. Since ancient times, the great blue seas have stirred the depths of the human imagination, invoking myths of the monstrous creatures like the Kraken, or more seductive mermaids and sirens. In […]

Hell Within

How do we imagine hell, as a place? In fact, our views of hell are typically not of a place but a space defined by the horrors occurring, though skewed perspective and disproportionate scale is an architectonicfeature. Moreover, a sense of descent is usually evident. Anthropomorphic and biomorphic forms move, turn and twist in terms […]

Images of Evil

Despite major differences between Christianity and Buddhist ethics, their perception of the world and philosophy of life, obvious parallels also exist. Both religions point the way towards deliverance from selfishness, spiritual blindness and from succumbing to worldly desires. In both cases, religious experience and inner transformation offer a practical path to salvation. Not only intrinsic […]