” UNDEAD ” 5 Sep 2013

Artist : Kriangkrai Kongkhanun
Opening reception : Thursday September 5th, 5 pm
Exhibition Period : September 5-28 2013
Exhibition Venue : Number 1 Gallery
The Silom Galleria Bld, 4th Floor, Silom Rd.,Bangkok

The “Undead” exhibition by Kriangkrai Kongkhanun, a Thai artist who studied at art schools in Thailand and Italy. It was in Europe where he absorbed western culture and immersed himself in their artistic traditions. Studying the Great masters in the halls of the eminent art museums, his art has been heavily influenced by his experiences. On returning to Thailand, Kriangkrai’s art has combined his knowledge of western art with his Buddhist upbringing. Subsequently, he has achieved fame as an emerging international artist with his work having been exhibited in 23 countries, mainly in America, Europe and Asia.

In his latest exhibition, Kriangkrai’s drawings incorporate his iconic, organic figures which are in a constant struggle with unrelentingly sadistic demons. Emotionless eyes are ever-present, judging and condemning as the battle for autonomy and self-control persists. Contradictions permeate with delicately drawn wings giving a sense of flight while ghostly tears descend. The red petals, a glaring contrast against the black and white drawing, could be a sign of vitality blooming or the smear of blood as the life-force fades.

Kriangkrai Kongkhanun was born in 1980 and graduated with a Masters degree from Silpakorn University. His major exhibitions in 2012 include the 5th Beijing International Art Biennale (BIAB), Beijing, China and “On The Threshold of The Senses”, Tally Beck Contemporary, New York, USA. In 2013 his work was shown in “Restless II” at the Cavin-Morris Gallery, New York, USA as well as “Global Art 2013”, Douro Museum, Portugal and “Among Strangers”, Gallery Jireh, Republic of Korea. Currently, he is collaborating with a Columbian artist for a project organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia and he will participate in the 16th international Biennial of Engraving Sarcelles in France in November. Next year, he will have solo exhibitions in Monaco and France.